April 17th, 2014

Last monday, I changed my hairstyle.

Instead of it just hanging around wherever, it is now all slicked back. It’s pretty hard to pull off when you don’t use hair products, like me, but I manage. I think it looks pretty rad, I actually look like someone that takes care of himself. 

But I’m not the only one liking this new haircut of mine; my friends have reacted positively as well. I was called aerodynamic. I quite like that word as a descriptor of someone. It makes the person sound fit, and cool. I don’t consider myself exceptionally fit or cool, though. 

Alice has complimented me as well. I greeted her when she walked past my locker, and she stopped, sized me up for a few seconds, smiled, and then remarked that the new look “really suited” me. That left me a bit speechless, since it may have been the best compliment I’ve ever gotten. It’s not what she said, or how she said it, but it’s the way she actually stopped doing whatever she was doing, looked at me for while, decided I looked good and then complimented me, that I liked. That made it feel like she actually meant it, instead of it being something she said to be nice. 

The next day, I ran into Alice again. Apparently she didn’t feel like she complimented me enough the day before, because she told me that she really liked my new hairdo and that she really thought it fit me, even though she knew she’d said those things already. 

So, in conclusion, this new hairstyle really paid off, everybody likes it and I got a nice ego boost from Alice’s compliments. 

(Girls, I’m a hundred percent sure you knew this already, but guys love it when girls complement them and mean it)

April 10th, 2014


So, the most importantest school project of my entire high school career is coming up. We have to partner up in groups of two people. A couple of days ago, we had to view a presentation with the details of how and what with the whole thing. Right after, Asa (whom I talked about in earlier posts) approached me, asking if I’d be interested in doing a chemistry project with her. Apparently, she was the only one that wanted to do a chemistry project and she needed a partner. I told her no, since chemistry is a pretty tough subject.

Now, two days later I totally regret saying no to her. She ended up asking if she could do it alone, and she was allowed to. Now I’m teaming up with Ellen the annoying facebook girl, who literally begged me for two hours straight to do the project with her.

Asa is pretty darn smart and I would’ve probably gotten a really nice grade if I worked with her. I don’t think Ellen is smarter than Asa, but at least she seems pretty serious about this all, so maybe it’ll work out.

April 3rd, 2014

A while ago, I met a girl named Alice.

She seemed to know Calvin when we came across her at the supermarket, so I asked Calvin who she was. When he told me, I didn’t believe him, because I didn´t believe Alice was a real name; it just sounded so weird. (Alice is obviously not her real name but a fake name for the sake of this blog). So Calvin called out to her, to prove that Alice was indeed a real name, and that it was, in fact, the name Alice’s parents bestowed upon her: “Yo Alice!” -”Eh?” Alice turns to face us. At this point, she and Calvin are both looking at me expectantly, as if I was about to say something. I just awkwardly stared back at them. I didn’t really feel like standing there like that forever, so I languaged something at her. “Uh…hey?” -”….hey.” She raised an eyebrow and then walked off.

Thus started a whole saga of awkward interactions with Alice.

Couple of days later, I find Alice and Calvin talking to eachother. I walk up to them, and this time, Alice and I properly  introduce ourselves, handshake and all. She flashes a smile and I guess we were friends from that moment. Well, maybe ‘friends’ is too big of a word, but we were definitely acquainted since then.

About a week later, Alice joins me and some of my C-list friends (I only stuck around because Elle, one of my favourite persons, was there) and just straight up brings the puns. Pun after pun after pun, each one more horrible than the last. Good lord, my shoulder all but dislocated itself from the horribleness. After a while, I just left.

From this point on, the era of awkward waving starts.

So one day I was just mindlessly watching the people on the schoolgrounds, when one of them suddenly waves at me. Huh? Oh it was Alice, I didn’t even realise. I return the wave with a little smile. This became a trend of sorts.

This one happened during the exam week I talked about in some previous posts. I went to school a bit early, none of my friends were there yet. I look around the canteen, and spotted some girls in my class. Should I join them, i thought. “Nah,  I don’t know them too well, and they appear to be having a conversation of sorts. I guess I’ll just sit with these random strangers.” I sit down and put my book in front of me to do some last-minute learning. Suddenly, One of the ‘random strangers’ waves her hand in front of my face. Huh? Oh damn it’s Alice again. “Oh hey, it’s you.” -”Yeah, it’s me.” -”Hi.” -”Hey.” I feel stupid for not recognising Alice so I start typing away on an imaginary keyboard, as I usually do when thinking out loud isn’t an option. “So, you got skills or what?” -”Eh?” Alice points at my hands. “You play the piano?” -”Er, no..” -”Keyboard?” -”I play the clarinet, but that has nothing to do with…..this.” -”Then what the hell were you doing?” My mind went blank. “Okay, I’ll just leave you alone then.” Oh god, yes please, thank you.
But that was not the end of it. We were sitting there in silence. I considered moving to another table, but what if she took that as an insult? No, I had to stay. After ten minutes that felt like half an hour, she gets up and leaves. Yes, I can go now! No, wait, what if she sees me leaving right after she left? She’ll realise I was only sitting there because I am too socially inept to switch tables! So I don’t get up until another ten minutes later. After getting up, I went to the toilet and beat myself up because I was disappointed with myself.

Short one, this one. I was wearing earphones and I’m just about to ride home from school. I look back at the schoolyard from over my shoulder, and somebody is waving at me. It’s Alice. How long was she waving? I totally didn’t notice her ’til the very last moment. Did I drive straight past her without noticing her? Oh well.

Okay, last one. This happened today. I’m walking up the stairs to my class. In my peripheral vision, I see a girl with curly hair wearing a black coat and sporting a red backpack. Yup, that looks like Alice. Or at least, that would’ve looked like Alice, if the person in my peripheral vision wasn’t wearing her backpack with both shoulder straps on (Alice just slings her backpack over her left shoulder, usually). Since the person next to me is not Alice, I didn’t pay any attention to her. Suddenly, a hand is being waved in front of my face, and I immediately realise my mistake. “Hey, Alice, didn’t see you there.” Wow, I couldn’t even convince myself. We made some small talk and then went our separate ways to class.

So, yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever had a non-awkward run in with Alice so far. Which is a shame because she seems like a pretty cool person. And I haven’t got many chances left to properly talk to her, because she’ll be graduating high school this year. Hm. I wonder if she’ll miss waving at me when she’s at uni. Probably not. Will I miss being waved at? Probably, it’s always nice to be acknowleged by people you aren’t close friends with. It always brightens my day a bit. I just hope she doesn’t remember me as the guy who tried to ignore her all the time, because that was definitely not my intent.

EDIT: Okay, I tried to ignore her one time. But just one time!
I was walking in the city, on my way to my local game shop, when I spot Alice walking my way with a troop of her friends. What do I do? Should I say hi? No, she’s way too occupied with her friends. I’m wearing sunglasses, I can just pretend to have never seen her! Hell, she might not even recognise me. Okay, just fiddle with your fingernails for a bit while you walk past the girls. “See? I told you, that’s totally srslypopcorn!” Well, crap. I look up toward a group of five teenage girls. I know two of them, Alice, and the girl who called me out. I decide to wave at Alice, say hi, and then walk past the girls. Fuck, should I’ve waved at the other girls too? I should”ve at least waved at the other girl I knew. Did they even notice that I only waved at Alice? Oh well, don’t look back now, that’ll only make it more awkward. So I didn’t.

The game shop turned out not to have the game I was looking for.


March 23rd, 2014

A couple of days ago I had my math test. It went horribly. For everyone. People walked out of that room crying, and one kid even gave up halfway through. He submitted his (mostly blank) answer sheet and moped out of the room.

This also means that I totally misread my pendulum. Or that it lied to me, but it’s just a rock on a piece of string, what would it gain by lieing to me about the math test? So yeah, I misread it and should find other swinging patterns that signify ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

But, at least I now know what test I’m going to retake. And I will also gain some motivation for the other tests, since I know I can’t retake them now. I will have to study waaaaay harder now; and especially for chemistry because our chem teach totally hyped up this test as the most important chemistry test ever.

Wish me luck.

March 19th, 2014

Okay, day one and two of the exam week have passed.

I have done surprisingly well, if I do say so myself. I got a real good feeling about the two tests I made. Physics was so easy, you wouldn’t believe. It was like it was made for dumb babbies or whatever.

But, tomorrow, I will not have one test, I will have two! On the same day! And they’re both pretty important! Luckily, one of the two tests is English, which I am very good at. Sadly, the other test is math, which I used to be good at. A couple of years back, getting 85% on a math test was standard for me; below average, even. But now, I average out at about 60%; that’s only 5% away from a failing grade! Damn. I should get my shit together, pay attention in class and stuff, make homework. But I don’t. I never do. But I’ll manage. I always do. There’s this kid in class, he’s the dumbest idiot ever, but he can pass his tests. And if he can do it, then I can sure as hell do it too.

Funny how that works. I’m doing a really shitty job at math, but there is someone, just one person, who is doing worse. So I feel better about myself. Being second to last isn’t really a fantastic feat, but it’s enough to make me feel superior. I wonder if that’s a good thing. It at least keeps your morale up, and if your morale’s up, you’ll preform better. But if you keep thinking that way forever, you’ll be stuck doing a shitty job forever. Not the shittiest job ever, (no sir, you’re better than that!) but a very shitty job, still.

EDIT: I’m getting real nervous about the math test, but my pendulum assured me it’s going to be okay, so let’s not fret.

March 17th 2014

I’m having a examweek again, so I’m typing this as to avoid studying.

Lately, I have been paying attention to my posture. I try my best to stand straight up, make myself as tall as possible, and to take up a little more space. This has shown a lot of positive effects: my back hurts less when I get in bed at the end of the day, I appear more confident and dashing, and people get out of my way when I’m walking the halls of my school. Sadly, keeping a good posture requires constantly reminding myself of standing up straight, and it makes breathing a little less comfortable. But the good things outweigh the bad, so I’m definitely going to keep doing it.

Also lately, I have stopped using shampoo. Which sounds pretty nasty, but it really doesn’t hurt. See, if you stop using shampoo, your body will make up for it with natural oils. These oils keep your hair bacteria free, and makes it more shiny and stuff; basically, my hair looks better without looking dirty or smelling badly. I have also grown my hair out a bit. I did this to look more like Dante, from the Devil May Cry videogames. Which is very, very lame and very, very dorky. Luckily it actually looks kinda good on me and I’ve received no negative reactions thus far.

This weekend, I had a facebook chat with Ellen the annoying facebook girl, whom I now find to be noticably less annoying since I got to know her better. She’s a nice kid and all, but she’s a fucking weirdo. I could fill a book with questionable quotes coming out of her mouth, but luckily she did that herself by writing a I-wouldn’t-dare-call-it-a-novel in which she perfectly condenses all the weirdness in her head. I am not sure if her brain is as fucked up as she makes it seem, or if she is simply being weird for the sake of being weird in order to get attention from people. My money is on the latter right now, her ‘non-mainstream’ way of thinking and all the shit she spouts is just too perfectly unacceptable to be genuine; she must’ve made it up. Anyways, chatting with her always provides me and Calvin (whom I send the highlights to everytime) with tons of laughter so I don’t mind.

And finally; I have bought a sword online. It’s a katana, purely decorative, it’s not sharp or anything. I didn’t have a particular reason for buying it other than the seven year old in me telling me that katana’s are cool. I am also planning on buying Calvin (who’s a Japanophile) a katana for his birthday, I bet he’ll like it.

EDIT: I also had this weird dream in which I had to ask a dude out on a date (lost a bet). So I got this guy alone, and asked him out. He was surprisingly chill about it despite not being a homosexual and he even agreed to go out with me before I explained it was just for a bet. So yeah, dream guy; you’re a pretty swell guy.

March 10th 2014

My week long break from school has come to an end. You know, last night I was thinking about how prepared I was for school after a week of intense relaxing. Yup, all ready to tackle the upcoming few weeks. Until I remembered something; I was completely not ready at all.

I was supposed to use this break to brush up on my math, my chemistry, my german, and my social studies. I fucking didn’t. Fuck. Fuck. I also had to read an entire book and write a report on it. Didn’t do that either. Fuck, shit. On top of that all, I’m starting my first day of school while having pulled an all-nighter the night before. Why an all-nighter? Because I got addicted to a new manga and spent all night reading it. Shit, fuck, balls.

After all that glorious display of self control, I’ll have to step up my game the upcoming week. I have to do that math, chemistry and social studies stuff, and I have to read that book and write the report before wednesday. This will all have to happen between my table tennis training and my music lessons. Woohoo!

Apart from reading a ton of manga the entire night, I’ve also trained myself into utilising pendulum magic. It’s still kinda hazy, but practise makes perfect, so we’ll see how it goes.


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