July 4th, 2014

Okay, I finally finished my final tests this year. I did so well! I got a perfect score on one test, near-perfect scores on my english test, and the highest score of my class on my physics test. I failed math, but that was to be expected. No matter, I can just retake math and get a better score.

After seeing my scores, all earned with about five hours of intense studying each, I wonder if I could pull off perfect scores for everything if I actually applied myself and took notes every lesson, did all the homework, etc. But I’m pretty sure we’ll never ever find that out.

I also quit my marching band. I mean, it was fun and all, but not fun enough to justify spending about 3 hours on it every week. I will now have more free time for my other hobbies (gaming, films, comics, skateboarding) and I will be availible 7 days a week for my summer job.

Of course, I don’t have my summer job yet. I applied to a supermarket, but I haven’t heard anything from them, even after I visited the store to inquire about my application (they told me to wait for an update. I didn’t recieve any updates). But recently, some family friends visited (such very nice people!) and the wife knew a guy in another local supermarket. She told us she would talk to her friend for us. Still haven’t heard of that either. I’ll give it a week before I go asking around other places.

I think getting a job is going to be sweet. I do some easy dumb task, and I get money. Everyone wins. Since I quit table tennis and marching band, I will be able to work the full amount of hours allowed at my age. I’ll be swimming in dough! Or, walking over it as it’s strewn across the floor. Maybe I can make a pile of it big enough to trip over. But yeah, getting a job will do me some good. Maybe I’ll make some new friends, even.

Also, have you seen RAW this monday? I marked out for Swagger so hard! I hope this ends in a submission match at summerslam: patriot lock vs. the accolade!

June 25th, 2014

Remember when I said I’d study my butt off and get good grades? I didn’t study my butt off and now I won’t get good grades :c


It’s not about studying, really. It’s about me not fucking paying attention during class, so now I have to do months of work in a single night, which is impossible.

Of course, every year, you promise yourself to pay attention in class, and do homework, but you never do. And each year you will realise this. And each year you will call yourself an idiot for knowing what to do and then not doing it. Or is that just me, idunno.


June 19th, 2014

I’ve been in a bit of a depression lately (the last two weeks). It’s a mix of sleep deprivation, stress from school, and typical teenage bullshit. I don’t feel like doing anything at all, I am super lazy and it pisses me off. I called in sick monday because I didn’t feel like school. I have been wearing the same outfit for four days. I got sick, legitimately this time. I looked in the mirror and didn’t think I was handsome anymore. I started drinking soda again, and beer, even. I have watched hours upon hours upon hours of Masterchef Australia instead of doing my homework. It’s not going too well. I bet all I need to get out of this thing is to just hang out with my friends for a couple of hours, but they can’t really afford to, since the final exam week is just next week and, unlike me, they aren’t lazy failures and they are actually studying real hard right now. I’ll just have to tough it out until they’ve got the time for me, or until this thing blows over.

As I said just before, I’m having my final exam week this monday… But of course, I am lucky enough to have my first oral exam early! Thurday morning, to be exact. Just half an hour ago. It went okay. It was my german oral exam, I barely studied at all (three hours maybe), but I fought my way through and I’m pretty sure I passed well enough. My german teacher is one of those I-don’t-want-you-to-fail-just-as-much-as-you-don’t-want-to kinda teachers. I’m sure he’ll go easy on me.

Okay, so I hereby solemnly swear I will study my arse off for the coming exam week, and I will conquer the shit out of those tests, and I will be amazing. Here goes nothing.

June 16th, 2014

School is so stupid sometimes.

I was supposed to save a copy of a report I made, and handed in, three years ago. And I was supposed to hand it in again today. I, of course, didn’t keep the fucking report for three years, and now I have to re-do it. If I don’t re-do it, I’m not allowed to pass this year because they need the report from me. It’s a report of books that I read before I went to high school. In other words: It’s a report about fuck all. Do teachers give a shit about the winnie the pooh stories I read as a little baby? Do they need to know I read Harry Potter growing up (like every kid on the planet)? Of course they don’t, because shit you do as a kid doesn’t fucking matter.

I planned on writing the report this weekend. I didn’t, because I’m a fucking idiot. See, when school throws all kinds of things of fate-of-the-world level importance at me, I never know what to start with, or how to start, and then I just don’t start at all. See, it’s not just this report I have to write, I also have to give a 7 minute presentation about BMW (in German), create a film database, study for the upcoming test week, and pretend I visited at least three universities. If I fail any of these tasks, I’ll have to do this year over. And I’m not feeling that.

I’ll elaborate a bit more about the university thing. See, our school likes to hold hands with you when you pick your college/uni and you major, and stuff. You need to fill in endless questionaires, and do all kinds of tests and crap so you can make an ‘educated, responsible decision.’ Newsflash: I’m 16 fucking years old; I am not capable of making educated, responsible decisions. They want me to visit at least three universities. I didn’t visit a single one. Because I already know what university I’m going to, and what I’ll be studying there. See, I looked at a big list of university courses, and found a course that was perfect for me. That course was only offered at one university. Why would I visit any other university if they don’t offer the things I’m interested in? I get it, planning your future is important. But I planned it already; my future’s set. Why do I still have to follow your dumb future planning curriculum, I’m not going to change my mind about my decision, ugh.

To end this post on a more positive note: I’m getting better at skateboarding! My ollies finally have decent pop, and I can pull off some sloppy shuvits, even! I still can’t do any tricks rolling though, but I’ll keep practising!

June 3rd, 2014

Wow, it’s June already. School’s coming to an end soon.

Anyways, I went shoe shopping this weekend. It took no time at all; I was in and out of that store in less than 10 minutes, in which I picked out, tried on, and bought two pairs of shoes (a black and a white pair). As I was walking out the store, I couldn’t help but wonder how girls could possibly spend more than a quarter of an hour buying shoes.

Since the shoes cost less than I had planned for, I had some money left and I decided to go and buy myself a video game. After I left the store with my purchase, I realized I spent over half an hour in there, flipping through the racks.

Yeah, I think I get why girls spend so much time shoe shopping now.

EDIT: I visited my uncle today; it was his birthday. My cousin was there too. I found out he has a girlfriend, I don’t. Never had one. I’d like one. As I said earlier, I got someone on my mind. Junior is what I called her on this blog, I think. ¬†We hung out for a while in Rome, and she was just the best. Nice looks, nice character. She seemed pretty emotionally supportive; her friend often call her motherly. Should I ask her out, I wonder. Where I’m from, it’s not really commonplace to ask someone out and then try to start a relationship. You just start out as friends, grow closer to each other, and you ease yourselves into a relationship. Is that what I should do? Get closer to her? But we are in completely different friend groups, and she lives in another country… Although, we have quite some shared free hours in our timetables, and we have studied together before. Hell, today, me and Calvin were sitting at one table, and Junior & co at another. She actually invited us over. So she must like us somewhat, at least. So she must like me. Somewhat. I’m having another free period with her again tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. I dunno, this teen stuff is complicated.

I just got rickrolled for the first time since elementary school. Damn

May 27th, 2014

Remember when I talked about stupid stuff to do when your parents are gone? I just took a big swig of hard liquor. Tastes like fire; I can still feel it glow in my gullet, it’s pretty nice.

Another dumb thing I did was apply for a job at a supermarket. Or rather, I’m going to tomorrow. It’s a bit far from my house, but hey, I go there all the time, might as well work there. And I might as well try and get a job, since I quit playing sports. The extra money should come in handy since I got some pretty expensive hobbies (comicbooks & video games) and I run out of allowance pretty quick.

My parents are coming home tomorrow. I should clean the place up, I got clothes, dishes and books strewn around the entire house. I guess I should be glad for that, but I’m not, I was doing pretty good on my own. I can’t wait to move out.


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