November 29th 2013

Yesterday was quite something.

Man, I was so goddamn happy yesterday. I was laughing at everything and nothing, my cheeks hurt by the time I got home and I’m pretty sure I’ve grown a six pack. In fact, I was so happy, some douchenozzle teacher gave me detention for being happier than he was. Also, for being late (only two minutes!), but I got thrice the amount of detention the other late-goers got, just because I was laughing. Everybody, and I mean everybody thought I was on drugs. But I was just happy, because my life is amazing. Living in a first-world country, wearing my favourite pair of shoes, my hair was looking awesome, school is really swell, food on the table in my heated house, I haven’t had any homework to do for five days, I’m living the dream here.

Calvin also talked to me yesterday. He said that the popcorn I bought us for movie night was really good, because it was saltier than most popcorn brands. I love this. It an amazing thing for someone to say, because it shows he paid attention to the details and genuinely appreciated them. Not just: ‘nice popcorn’, but ‘the popcorn was nice because X.’ And he said it five days after movie night, so it must’ve stuck with him for a while. Pretty cool.

After I got home, I watched Juno, recommended to me by Tan. The movie was really good. The actors all delivered stunning performances and the story definitely wasn’t your average teenage drama/comedy. I guess Roger Ebert didn’t call it ‘the best movie of the year’ for nothing. I really recommend it for everybody.

I hope every day in my life will be as nice as yesterday was. Well, maybe they could be a bit better. I could’ve watched that movie with friends, for example, or everybody around me could’ve been as happy as me and maybe not question me about my non-existing history of drug-abuse.

Anyhow, I got to go to school now.

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